Don’t choose junk food for the mind

It has been said many times before that we are what we put into our minds and here in 2015 I challenge all of us to put better things into our minds. Do you wake up and immediately feed your mind with Facebook or news sites because this isn’t really setting you up for success. We all need to ask ourselves what is going into our minds is it what would be junk food for our minds or health food with healthy motivational thoughts.

I choose the health food variety and within that vain here is a list of 4 blogs that I read to take the junk food away and one bonus video to help change your point of view.

1) Life Hack (– Tips for Life
This is a fantastic resource to help kickstart your mind and keep you moving forward with very positive tips every day.

2) PositivityBlog ( Positive & Awesomeness Tips That Work in Real Life
While not updated as often as some of the other ones there are some absolutely spot on in making our days better and more positive

3) Dumb Little Man ( – Tips for Life
I really don’t like the title of this because I always seem to be an optimist, but these are some wonderful daily tips to transform a dull day to something remarkable.

4) Lifehacker ( – Tips for Life and Tech
While in the last year this site has become a bit more commercialized there are great tips on how to make workflows quicker as well as life changing tips.


Go start your day with positivity in mind. Choose mental heath instead of junk food.