Define yourself.

For years I have been struggling to identify myself as a leader. A leader who can lead and affect change. Why?

I believed I was someone in reality I was not. I believed the words that were spoken to me by people in haste and anger instead of trust and understanding.

We believe these things to often. Words hurt. Words however do not define us. We define us.

How do you define yourself? Look at yourself 10 years from now and what do you want to be. Go do it! Take one step today in that direction.


Change is good…. Hard, but good.

First I realize this blog has remained mostly dormant for the last few years. There have been life changes, business changes, and just overall change so it has remained largely just here. I am at a crossroads now though and it is time to bring it back.


Well in all honest truth I have missed writing my little missives and getting them out to the world. I have missed just being more transparent. I am not going to talk about my personal life, but years ago when I began to blog I wanted to make a journal of my life as a business owner with all of the changes and struggles that have happened. This is the new story, the new beginning.

I won’t promise something everyday, but here will be my adventures in building a new.

Change is hard, but required.